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St George Regional Museum
14 MacMahon Street
Hurstville NSW 2220

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Marian Jones, founder
Marian Jones


Marian Jones

(02) 9525 4295


  • Regular displays of Cakes and Sugar Art will be shown at the Gallery.
  • Visiting Sugar Artists will be invited to display at certain times.
  • Entry fee is a gold coin donation, which will assist with the on-going costs for research, collection and cataloguing of future exhibits.

We are hoping to get together a full history of the 'Australian Style' of cake decorating which, according to research already done, started about the 1940's with the first book written in 1945 by an A. G Rowe who was giving lessons at Bellevue Hill in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. Unfortunately we are unable to find any ore information on this person and are hoping that readers may be able to help fill in the gaps.

Who was A. G. Rowe? Where did he teach"?
Does anyone have any information?


A dream has become a reality—Australia has a Museum celebrating the history of Cake and Sugar Art.
This Museum [a non-profit organisation] has materialised with the generous donation of a venue—
Thank you to Continental Patisserie Australia Pty Ltd.

Two Tier wedding cake made by Kath Swansbra of Parkes, New South Wales. Cobbers, a sugar art scene by Linda McGlinn of Hunter District, New South
Doll Cake made by Lynette Speer of Bomaderry, New South Wales.

The Continental Patisserie hosted a celebration opening with invited guests being treated to tasty delicacies as well as feasting their eyes on the works of art displayed.

The three principals circulated among their guests and explained the importance of retaining cakes prepared for competitions for all interested persons to see and admire. Student pastry cooks and school students will be invited to tour the gallery to broaden their experience in the world of sugar art.

Don't just admire these magazine front covers at a distance, have a look at the real thing on display in the Gallery. Have a look at Principal Kath Swansbra's masterpiece, lady in a fountain.

Kath Swnasbra's Lady in a Fountain.
The museum has a collection of Australian books, magazines, information and equipment, some over 100 years old. These items are kindly donated or loaned for display by families glad to find a good home for their family belongings. Marian or Ernst would be very glad to hear from you if you have any family recollections of cake decoration of the past. Icing recipes as well.

Cake Decorating has been present in Australia since early settlement and has evolved mainly from the English Lambeth Method, which was used, extensively by Pastry Cooks and Homemakers throughout the country until the 1940's when our very own unique and now world-renowned Australian style began to develop. The History of Cake and Sugar Art in this country is being researched and written at this stage and any information and donations of early Cake Decorating books, photos, equipment etc. will be gratefully accepted.

All donations or loans for display will be acknowledged.

This is a great opportunity for our sugar artists work to be retained and admired by all so do give us a call and arrange a visit. Marian.

For further information please ring Marian (02) 9525 4295.



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