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Wedding Cake Information
Brides to be....How to choose your cake design.
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...and not forgetting The Cake the centrepiece at the reception...




The bride and groom place their hands on the knife together and insert the tip into the cake, hold for a moment to make a wish.The caterers then remove the cake and continue the cutting in the kitchen. The bridal attendants then circulate among the guests to distribute the cake. It’s a social and meaningful function even if the guest takes their cake home in a small cake-bag. It is a special memento of the big day.

Do you know exactly what you would like to have? If so click here and go straight to a Cake Designer.

If not, just read on and allow your choice to evolve slowly as you consider all aspects.

Size of Cake

The number of guests influences how much cake you need unless you really want a big cake regardless of how many guests will be eating it. You can have your masterpiece made on a polystyrene base which you can keep and admire for a long time to come. You could have two or three tiers of cake and a fourth or fifth of non-cake to achieve that big look. But we digress – back to the question of size.

First decide whether the cake is for the dessert or to have with coffee.
For dessert portion allow a 5cm square piece per person.
For a portion with coffee, allow a 2.5cm portion per person.

Keep in mind that traditionally the small top tier is retained after the wedding to be cut on the occasion of the first anniversary or perhaps a Christening cake.


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