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Tool check list
small non-stick board, or smooth block of wood
big pastry mat for rolling out your icing cover
30cm Rolling Pin,
smaller plastic/teflon rolling pins
small pointed scissors
curved (nail) scissors too
fine sieves
Cake Smoother Tool,
Cake Scraper Tool,
8” Piping Bag, 2 Wilton Piping Tips, one writing tip and one star to start with
30cm Metal Ruler,
Cutting Blade,
Modelling Tool Set,
Foam Forming Mat,
Small Metal Spatula,
spirit level
potato flour in gauze square (or hanky) and elastic band
small pot of white fat (Copha sitable)

Flower cutters
Flower making becomes quicker and easier than making freehand. Petal cutters, leaf cutters and silicon veiners are available in sets to make the flower. There is a a huge amount available so don’t rush into buying, you can manage without for a while. This set of 6 stainless steel rose and leaf cutters is a good basic set and will always be useful so you could make a start with these.

Click here to purchase these:

Plastic cutters are easier on the hands so consider whether you think they will hurt your hands; you can always put a piece of card on top of the cutter to avoid the pressure on your skin.


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